PocketMinesweeper v1.0.1

PocketMinesweeper v1.0.1 (24-12-2007)

PC / Pocket PC

For pocketpc 2003/Windows Mobile 5 (.net compact frameword required)
Unpack and copy minesweeperppc.exe to your pocketpc and run it from the file explorer.

For Windows (.net framework required)
Unpack and run minesweeperppc.exe

Initial version


	Fixed error when newgame changed status of the "bombmarker" to false when it was still checked.
	After marking a field with the "?" and then click the bomb again marked the field as bomb but left the "?" marking

Please note that this game was based on a programming sample of Fons Sonnemans.
You can find his website here: http://www.reflectionit.nl
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